A Cattery Business

What is a cattery business?

A cattery is a business that hosts cats temporarily when their owners are not in a position to take care of them. For example, when the owner is sick or when they are out of town for a couple of days or months. A cattery may also be defined as a business that seeks to breed cats for sale to potential pet owners. In some cases, catteries can serve both purposes in an area.

What business advice would a cattery need?

A cattery business would require advice on accounting and financial management in order to enhance the success of the venture. These services can be provided by outsourced accounting and financial personnel in the area of operation. The cattery may also require strategic planning services in order to come up with short and long term goals that could help the business grow exponentially over time.

Legal services including labour and employment law advice can be given by employment law solicitors london to cattery businesses that have multiple employees.

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The advice could cover contract development, representing the business in negotiations with employees, offering advice on how to go handle different employee issues as well as assisting the business in creating the best environment for employees. Other legal services required may include advice on the transfer of ownership of cats, adoption of abandoned cats, taxation matters, compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Catteries may also require sales and marketing services for their services in order to create awareness among different groups of people. This advice could be given by marketing and sales consultants who specialise in pets since they understand the best strategies to employ for success.

Why would someone set up a cattery business?

There are different reasons why people would set up such a business. The first is as a source of primary or secondary income-in case they have another job. Secondly, people can start such a business if they want to provide affordable housing and pet sitting services to cat owners, in the case that these services are not available in their locality. Cat lovers who have a passion for taking care of cats can also take advantage of this opportunity to make money while doing something they enjoy. Catteries could also be started to provide good quality pets to residents of an area.

Who would set up a cattery business?

There are no limitations as to who can or cannot set up such a business as long as one has the knowledge and skills required to run the business efficiently. However, one must acquire the correct licensing in order to operate the business legally. But what are the conditions for acquiring these licenses?

The business owner must show that they have an appropriate space for cats to stay including a feeding area, an exercise area and proper sleeping area for boarding catteries. They will also need to see that you have a proper registry for the cats to ensure that all cats are accounted for at all times. In some cases, you will be tasked with finding a suitable vet who can be on call or part of the business in order to take care of sick pets effectively. In the case of breeding catteries, one must show that they have sufficient space for breeding the projected number of cats per season.