Affair Exposed on Social Media as Tryst Occurred

Affair Exposed on Social Media as Tryst Occurred

If you are going to cheat, don’t do it in a place where the entire world can see. In this day and age with cell phone cameras and video capability, you might want to keep a low profile. By low profile I mean not having a tryst by a window across the street from a crowded pub.

Two employees of Marsh Ltd., an insurance company in New Zealand, decided to have a little fun after work and believed that the tinted windows on the building would prevent anyone from seeing in. This is where science actually comes in handy, kids. Not only could an entire bar see them, but they posted it all over social media. The affair went viral quickly. Even the band that was playing at the pub put their act on hold as the entire bar was too busy watching the dim-witted lovers.

The man, whose name has not been released, does have a wife who found out about the affair and has since stopped talking to him. The couple, or ex-couple now, does have children. Unfortunately, an entire family will bear the consequences of one man’s indiscretion.

Seriously people, if you are going to be that person that decides to go outside of your marriage at least be smart enough to do it behind closed doors, outside of the office, away from windows and certainly not across the street from a bar. Common sense, folks. Apparently these two New Zealanders didn’t have any of that and the entire world got a free show. Well done!

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